• [2019.05] Our paper "Multi-patch Collaborative Point Cloud Denoising via Low-rank Recovery with Graph Constraint" is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.
  • [2019.04] Our four papers are accepted to Computer-Aided Design (SPM 2019).
  • [2019.04] Our paper "Regression-based 3D Pose Estimation for Texture-less Objects" is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.
  • [2019.03] Our paper "Robust Low-Rank Subspace Segmentation with Finite Mixture Noise" is accepted to Pattern Recognition.
  • [2019.03] Jianping, Tao, Jiajia joined us. Welcome!
  • [2019.02] Our paper "Energy-efficient coverage path planning for general terrain surfaces" is accepted to ICRA 2019.
  • [2019.02] Our paper "Automatic Detection and Classification of Sewer Defects via Hierarchical Deep Learning" is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering.
  • [2019.01] Our paper "Mesh-based Computation for Solving Bas-relief Reconstruction from Editable Normal Image" is accepted to Measurement science and technology.
  • [2019.01] Our paper "Matrix Recovery with Implicitly Low-Rank Data" is accepted to Neurocomputing.
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Join Us

If you are interested in digital geometry processing, large-scale 3D data processing, 3D scene analysis and understanding, or 3D measurement and inspection, and would like to join the group as a master or PhD student, postdoc or visiting researcher, please contact Prof. Jun Wang ( to discuss opportunities in the group.

About us

We study visual computing the computational principles on 3D data capturing, processing, reconstruction, and high-level 3D scene analysis and understanding. We are interested in building robot-based systems that automatically understand visual scenes, both inferring the semantics and modeling 3D structures.

At the moment, we focus on exploiting 3D geometry data for scene analysis, understanding and reconstruction (e.g. driven by RGB-D data, 3D point clouds, and polygonal mesh models). Additionally, we are also developing techniques on 3D measuring and inspection on industrial products and large-scale construction structures.